Twelve Tax Memes to Get You Through April 18

tax meme - distracted car veering off highway

Taxes aren’t always fun to do, so we made you a bunch of tax memes to get you through the process of finding receipts, gathering pay stubs, and remembering your social security number. And don’t forget: Tax Day this year is April 18, 2023!

Filed early? We’ve heard of people like you.

Tax meme - kermit

Don’t forget to properly deduct charitable donations!

Be sure to ask your accountant which deduction is right for you.

tax meme - superhero

Did you know the IRS offers a free file program? No more scammy Turbotax upgrades!

Goin’ kinda meta, here.

tax meme - distracted car veering off highway

How it works in most other countries, tbh

Don’t leave stuff ’till the last minute, k?

The fun is in the randonmness, ya know?


I can haz tax deduction?

Best of luck filing this season!

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