This Simple Target Hack Saves Me 20% on Apple Gear

A few times every year, Target offers a $10-$15 gift card for purchases of iTunes gift cards. On the face of it, this doesn’t seem like anything special, right?


A few years ago, Apple changed their gift card rules. Used to be, iTunes gift cards could only be used for games, movies, and music. Fast forward to today, and iTunes gift cards are now Apple gift cards. Meaning, you can use an Apple gift card on anything from the latest season of Ted Lasso to the new AirPods Pro.

In our scenario, let’s assume that you (a) shop regularly enough at Target and (b) need a new/refurbished Apple device.

If you buy a $100 Apple gift card, you only pay $95, because you’ve used your RedCard. And then Target will email you a FREE $15 gift card, just because they love you have excess inventory they need to offload.

This means you’re paying $80 for $100 of value. Which means, if you do it enough, you’ll save $200 on your next Macbook. Which you’re already saving 15% on, right?

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