Love Books? Want to Save Cash? Here’s How.

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As a thrifty bestie reading this post, your first stop for books should always be your local library. Books are an — the! — best source of knowledge, and your local library branch is literally an entire building solely devoted to packaging the sum total of human knowledge into a few thousand square feet. It’s like the internet, but without Pretty cool!

But sometimes you want to own the book. That’s cool, too.

Although you can get used books just about everywhere, my personal fave is Why?

  1. Stuff is reasonably cheap
  2. They run sales frequently (typically 25-30%)
  3. Stacks with Rakuten cashback
  4. They ship internationally for FREE (though book prices themselves will adjust based on location)
  5. They donate books and raise money for libraries
  6. They have an absolutely adorable post-purchase email

Check ’em out!

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