Want Big Savings at Nike? Rakuten is the Way to Go

red and black nike fitted cap

First rule of a thrifty bestie: only buy stuff if you truly need it. That said, if you’re in the market for new Nike gear, and you want to save a bunch of cash, then simply shop via Rakuten. Why? I crunched the numbers using Cashback Monitor, and you’ll pretty much always get 6-10% back on purchases at Nike, over and above whatever discounts Nike itself is running.

Rakuten Nike cashback rates
Rakuten Nike historical cash back rates

There have been brief, periodic instances in which you could get a bit more via another cash back site, but Rakuten is pretty much the most consistent. Simply wait for a 10% back promotion, and try to couple it with one of Nike’s periodic 20% off clearance sales in order to maximize your savings.

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