Want to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Cashback?

Man holding credit card

As I’ve written previously, I’m personally a big fan of Rakuten. It’s a dead-simple way to save anywhere between 2% and 20% back when buying stuff online.

But how do you know whether a given cashback rate is really all that? Enter Cashback Monitor. This simple but powerful site compares dozens of cashback portals, and most importantly, shows the historical highs and lows for a given retailer and portal. Let’s use Zappos as an example.

Just today (11/28/22), Rakuten is offering what looks like an unprecedented 20% back at Zappos. In order to make sure I’m getting the best deal, I headed on over to Cashback Monitor, and plug in Zappos.

I then click “See best rate history” and I can get a multi-year look at Zappos’s best cashback rates across different portals.

Sure enough, looks like 20% is as good as it gets. Now, which pair of shoes should I get? 🙂

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