Get 10% Back at iHerb With This Chase Offer

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Some readers report seeing an Chase Offer for 10% back on purchases at iHerb up to a total of $9 back. This means the optimal spend on this offer is $90.

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Get 10% back at iHerb with this Chase Offer ☝️

iHerb is good for a lot of vitamins and health food, and has a pretty good selection of groceries. They also run promo codes pretty frequently — you can often get 10% back on many purchases. They do ship internationally, but their weight limits can be frustrating to work with. But still, better than nothing.

How to register: Login to your Chase account (on mobile), scroll down to “Offers” and then “Available.” Scroll down to see if you see the offer and then tap the plus icon, if it is.

Lastly, don’t forget to shop via Rakuten, which will give you an additional 2% back.

Expires 05/26/23.

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