Get $30 Back at Travelpro With This Amex Offer

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Some readers report seeing an Amex Offer for $30 off $150+ at Travelpro. If you can stack this with one of their standard 15% off coupons and shop via Capital One Shopping, you’ll be able to get a pretty solid deal.

Travelpro Amex Offer
Get $30 off $150 at Travelpro with this Amex Offer ☝️

Travelpro’s luggage is consistently well-reviewed, and their warranty is pretty good, as well. I’ve purchased Travelpro luggage several times and, when I once had a warranty claim, Travelpro’s support team was pretty good about shipping out a replacement suitcase.

How to Stack Amex’s Travelpro Offer with Other Discounts: Part 1/2

As with all retailers, you should sign up for Travelpro’s email list — you’ll receive a coupon via email not long after joining. But the initial 10% off is less than the 15% off they often offer.

Stack Travelpro’s 15% off coupon with the Amex Offer, for an even better deal

How to Stack Amex’s Adidas Offer with Other Discounts: Part 2/2

Then, make sure to shop via Capital One Shopping, which is currently offering 1% back at Adidas. It ain’t much, but it’s a (small) cup of coffee .

How to register: Login to your Amex account (either on web or mobile), scroll down to “Offers” and then “Available.” Scroll down to see if you see the offer and then tap “Add to card” if it is.

Expires 07/03/23.

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